rare words that start with j [With Meanings] In 2023

Rare Words That Start With J

Welcome to our blog post on rare words that start with the letter J! While the English language is full of interesting and unique words, some are so uncommon that they might leave you scratching your head.

Today, we’re diving into the world of jargon and jocular linguistic gems that are often overlooked or forgotten. So get ready to expand your vocabulary and impress your friends with some rare words that begin with the letter J. Let’s dive in

List Of Rare Words That Start With J

1. Jabberwocky
2. Jactitation
3. Jaculiferous
4. Jaggery
5. Jalopy
6. Janiform
7. Jannock
8. Jargogle
9. Jaspe
10. Jettatura
11. Jobbernowl
12. Jociferous
13. Jollification
14. Jouissance
15. Jubicundity
16. Juxtaposition
17. Jentacular
18. Jibber-jabber
19. Jocundity
20. Jussive

Rare Words That Start With J And Their Meanings

1. Jabberwocky: Nonsense language or speech
2. Jactitation: Restless tossing or talking in bed
3. Jaculiferous: Bearing or producing darts or javelins
4. Jaggery: A type of coarse brown sugar made from palm sap
5. Jalopy: An old, decrepit and unreliable vehicle
6. Janiform: Having two faces, one looking forward and one looking backward
7. Jannock: Fair, honest, or straightforward
8. Jargogle: To confuse or mix up
9. Jaspe: A type of gemstone patterned with bands or stripes of different colors
10. Jettatura: The evil eye or the act of casting a curse or bringing misfortune
11. Jobbernowl: An idiot or a foolish person
12. Jociferous: Full of laughter or humor
13. Jollification: A lively celebration or a festive gathering
14. Jouissance: The feeling of pleasure or enjoyment
15. Jubicundity: Extreme joy or happiness
16. Juxtaposition: The act of placing two things together for comparison or contrast
17. Jentacular: Relating to breakfast or eaten at breakfast
18. Jibber-jabber: Rapid and unintelligible talk or chatter
19. Jocundity: Cheerfulness or merriment
20. Jussive: A grammatical mood that expresses a mild command or request

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