Beaches That Start With C – Beaches Name

Beaches That Start With C

Welcome beach lovers! Today, we are going on a virtual beach getaway to explore some breathtaking beaches that start with the letter “C.”

From the crystal-clear turquoise waters to the powdery white sands, these coastal havens are sure to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

So sit back, grab a refreshing beverage, and join us as we dive into the wonders of these incredible beaches.

Whether you’re seeking a tropical paradise or a hidden gem off the beaten path, we’ve got you covered with our top picks for must-visit beaches that start with “C.”

Let’s embark on this sandy adventure together.

List of Beaches That Start With C – Name of Beaches

1. Copacabana Beach – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2. Cancun Beach – Cancun, Mexico
3. Clearwater Beach – Clearwater, Florida, United States
4. Clifton Beach – Cape Town, South Africa
5. Corniche Beach – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
6. Costa del Sol – Malaga, Spain
7. Carcavelos Beach – Lisbon, Portugal
8. Cottesloe Beach – Perth, Australia
9. Cua Dai Beach – Hoi An, Vietnam
10. Cannon Beach – Oregon, United States

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