Beaches That Start With L – Beaches Name

Beaches That Start With L

Welcome beach lovers! Today, we are taking you on a virtual tour of some stunning beaches that start with the letter “L.”

From serene stretches of white sand to vibrant coral reefs, these destinations are sure to leave you in awe of their beauty and tranquility.

So, grab your sunscreen and beach hat, as we dive into our exploration of these extraordinary beaches.

Whether you’re dreaming of a relaxing getaway or seeking adventure under the sun, this list has something for everyone.

Let’s embark on this beach-hopping adventure and discover the hidden gems that await us on the shores starting with the letter “L”.

List of Beaches That Start With L – Name of Beaches

1. La Jolla Cove (San Diego, California)
2. Laguna Beach (Orange County, California)
3. Long Beach (Los Angeles County, California)
4. Lake Worth Beach (Palm Beach County, Florida)
5. Lauderdale-by-the-Sea (Broward County, Florida)
6. Lincoln City Beach (Oregon)
7. Long Beach (Washington)
8. Lido Beach (Sarasota, Florida)
9. Little Corn Island Beach (Nicaragua)
10. Langkawi Beach (Malaysia)

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