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Bird Name Starting With Z

Welcome bird enthusiasts! Today, we dive into the exciting world of avian species, focusing on a specific group of birds with names starting with the letter “Z.”

These adorable and unique creatures add charm and beauty to our natural surroundings, captivating birdwatchers and nature lovers alike.

Join us as we explore fascinating facts about some of the most extraordinary birds starting with the letter “Z.” From the zebra dove to the zitting cisticola, we guarantee you’ll be amazed by the diversity and wonder found within this remarkable avian category.

So, grab your binoculars, put on your hiking boots, and get ready for an exciting journey into the world of birds starting with the letter “Z”.

List of Bird That Starting With Z – Breeds of Bird

1. Zenaida dove
2. Zebra finch
3. Zitting cisticola
4. Zitting or Arabian warbler
5. Zone-tailed hawk
6. Zosterops white-eye
7. Zebra dove
8. Zebra tanager
9. Zilled waterhen
10. Zipperbarb
11. Zacatecan vireo
12. Zimmerman’s prinia
13. Zachary’s swiftlet

Zenaida Dove:

Description: The Zenaida Dove is a medium-sized dove with a pale grayish-brown plumage, a distinct white patch on its wings, and a pinkish hue on its chest.

Food: Their diet includes seeds, fruits, and small invertebrates.

Behavior: Zenaida Doves are often seen foraging on the ground and are known for their gentle and calm demeanor.

Nesting Tree: They typically nest in trees, shrubs, or even on the ground.

Characteristics: These doves are named after Princess Zénaïde Laetitia Julie Bonaparte, a member of the French royal family.

Zebra Finch:

Description: The Zebra Finch is a small finch with a black and white striped pattern on its throat and chest, and a predominantly brown and white body.

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Food: They primarily feed on seeds, especially grass seeds.

Behavior: Zebra Finches are social birds, often found in small flocks, and are known for their cheerful songs.

Nesting Tree: They build cup-shaped nests in shrubs or trees.

Characteristics: Zebra Finches are popular as pets and are highly regarded for their lively courtship songs.

Zitting Cisticola:

Description: The Zitting Cisticola is a small, streaked brown bird with a distinctive rufous crown and a long tail.

Food: They mainly feed on insects and other small invertebrates.

Behavior: These birds are known for their distinctive “zit-zit-zit” calls and are often seen perching on tall grasses or reeds.

Nesting Tree: They build grassy nests, usually suspended within tall grasses.

Characteristics: Zitting Cisticolas are skilled in acrobatic flight displays during courtship.

Zitting or Arabian Warbler:

Description: The Zitting Warbler, also known as the Arabian Warbler, is a small, plain brown bird with a pale supercilium and a white throat.

Food: Their diet primarily consists of insects and arthropods. Behavior: They are known for their active and restless behavior while foraging for insects.

Nesting Tree: They build nests close to the ground, often hidden in dense vegetation.

Characteristics: Zitting Warblers are known for their rapid and repetitive song.

Zone-tailed Hawk:

Description: The Zone-tailed Hawk is a large raptor with a dark plumage and a banded tail, resembling vultures at a distance.

Food: Their diet includes small mammals, reptiles, and occasionally carrion.

Behavior: Zone-tailed Hawks are known for their soaring flight patterns and mimicry of vultures.

Nesting Tree: They often nest in tall trees in wooded or rocky areas.

Characteristics: Zone-tailed Hawks use their resemblance to vultures to surprise prey.

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Zosterops White-eye:

Description: The Zosterops White-eye is a small, lively bird with green plumage, a white eye-ring, and a distinctive eye marking.

Food: They primarily feed on nectar, insects, and fruits.

Behavior: These white-eyes are highly active and agile, often foraging in tree canopies.

Nesting Tree: They build cup-shaped nests in trees, usually well concealed.

Characteristics: Zosterops White-eyes are known for their vibrant plumage and lively, high-pitched calls.

Zebra Dove:

Description: The Zebra Dove is a small, slender dove with a grayish-brown body, distinct black and white striped markings on its neck, and a pinkish hue on the chest.

Food: They primarily feed on seeds and grains, often foraging on the ground.

Behavior: Zebra Doves are known for their soft and melodious cooing calls.

Nesting Tree: They nest in shrubs, trees, or even on buildings.

Characteristics: These doves are widespread in urban areas and have a gentle disposition.

Zebra Tanager:

Description: The Zebra Tanager is a small, brightly colored bird with striking black and white striped plumage, resembling a zebra.

Food: They primarily feed on insects, fruit, and nectar.

Behavior: Zebra Tanagers are often seen in mixed-species flocks and are known for their active foraging behavior.

Nesting Tree: They build cup-shaped nests in trees.

Characteristics: These tanagers are recognized for their bold black-and-white patterns.

Zilled Waterhen:

Description: The Zilled Waterhen, also known as the African Black Crake, is a small, dark bird with a distinctive red bill and legs.

Food: Their diet includes aquatic invertebrates, small fish, and plant matter.

Behavior: These waterhens are often found in wetland areas, foraging near water bodies.

Nesting Tree: They build floating nests in dense aquatic vegetation.

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Characteristics: Zilled Waterhens are skilled swimmers and are often heard with their repetitive calls.


Description: The Zipperbarb is a small, colorful fish known for its vibrant and distinctive coloring.

Food: They primarily feed on small aquatic organisms and algae.

Behavior: Zipperbarbs are generally peaceful, schooling fish often kept in aquariums.

Nesting Tree: N/A (as fish do not nest in trees)

Characteristics: Zipperbarbs are popular in the aquarium trade for their striking appearance.

Zacatecan Vireo:

Description: The Zacatecan Vireo is a small songbird with greenish upperparts and a pale belly, often with a distinctive eye-ring.

Food: Their diet includes insects, spiders, and fruit.

Behavior: These vireos are known for their sweet, melodic songs.

Nesting Tree: They build cup-shaped nests in trees, often near water.

Characteristics: Zacatecan Vireos are native to arid regions and have a soothing vocalization.

Zimmerman’s Prinia:

Description: Zimmerman’s Prinia is a small bird with brownish-gray plumage and a distinctive white throat.

Food: They mainly feed on insects, foraging in grassy habitats.

Behavior: They are often seen skulking in tall grasses and reeds.

Nesting Tree: They build dome-shaped nests in tall grass or reeds.

Characteristics: Zimmerman’s Prinias are known for their secretive behavior and distinctive calls.

Zachary’s Swiftlet:

Description: Zachary’s Swiftlet is a small, swift-flying bird with dark plumage, a pale rump, and a distinctive forked tail.

Food: They primarily feed on flying insects captured in mid-air.

Behavior: These swiftlets are known for their agile and acrobatic flight.

Nesting Tree: They build cup-shaped nests using saliva, often attached to cave walls or cliffs.

Characteristics: Zachary’s Swiftlets are famous for their use in creating edible bird’s nest products.

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