Cat Breeds That Start With V – Cat Breeds Name List

Cat Breeds That Start With V

Welcome cat lovers! In today’s blog post, we are going to dive into a fascinating topic – cat breeds that start with the letter V! Cats are known for their unique and diverse breeds, each with their own distinct characteristics and traits.

From the popular and well-known breeds to the rare and lesser-known ones, we will explore a variety of feline friends that share the commonality of being named after the letter V.

Whether you are considering adding a new feline friend to your family or are simply curious to expand your knowledge of cat breeds, this post is sure to be an exciting and informative read.

So, let’s not waste any more time and begin our journey into the world of cat breeds that start with V

List of Cat Breeds That Start With V – Breeds of Cat

1. Van Kedisi
2. Virginia bobtail
3. Vietnamese blue
4. Visayan bobtail
5. Vibalta
6. Vossi
7. Volga blue
8. Vanya
9. Veena
10. Venceremos

10 Popular Cat Breeds and Their Personalities

1. Van Kedisi:

Description: The Van Kedisi, also known as the Turkish Van, is a distinct cat breed known for its unique coat pattern and coloration. Originating from the Lake Van region in Turkey, it has a semi-longhaired coat, a strong and muscular build, and a bushy tail. The breed is characterized by its color points on the head and tail, while the body is mainly white.

Lifespan: Van Kedisis typically live around 12 to 15 years.


  • Coat Pattern: The breed is known for the “Van” pattern, with color on the head and tail and a predominantly white body.
  • Personality: Turkish Vans are often described as intelligent, playful, and fond of water. They may form strong bonds with their owners.
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Temperament: Turkish Vans are typically social and enjoy interactive play. They may have a love for water, a trait not commonly found in other cat breeds.

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