Cat Breeds That Start With W – Cat Breeds Name List

Cat Breeds That Start With W

Welcome cat lovers! Today we are diving into the realm of feline wonders that start with the letter W. Yes, we are exploring some of the most charming and captivating cat breeds whose names begin with this enigmatic letter.

From distinctive coat patterns to unique personalities, these purrfect companions are sure to leave you wanting to know more.

Whether you are seeking a calm and cuddly companion or a playful and mischievous furball, we have got you covered.

So, without further ado, let’s embark on this feline adventure and discover the captivating cat breeds that start with W.

List of Cat Breeds That Start With W – Breeds of Cat

1. Wirehair: The Wirehair breed is known for its unique curly or wiry coat. They are active, intelligent, and social cats.

2. Wyandotte: Wyandotte cats are medium-sized with a soft and silky coat. They are known for their friendly and affectionate nature.

3. White Persian: White Persians are known for their stunning pure white coats and expressive blue or green eyes. They have a calm and gentle temperament.

4. Weegie: Also known as the Norwegian Forest Cat, the Weegie is a large and sturdy breed with a long, dense coat. They are known for their friendly, independent, and adventurous nature.

5. Whiskerandos: Whiskerandos is a relatively new and rare breed that originated in Canada. They have a medium-sized body, elegant build, and short to medium hair. They are known for their playful and sociable personality.

6. Whiffets: Whiffets are small to medium-sized cats with a short, dense coat. They are known for their energetic and affectionate nature.

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7. Wilbur: Wilbur cats have a short and dense coat with various colors and patterns. They have a friendly and calm temperament, making them great companions.

8. Wookie: Wookie is a breed known for its long, dense, and shaggy coat. They are friendly, playful, and sociable cats.

White Persian:

Description: The White Persian is a specific color variation of the Persian cat breed, known for its long, luxurious fur and distinctive flat-faced (brachycephalic) appearance. Persian cats are characterized by their large, expressive eyes and a broad head.

Lifespan: Persians, including the White Persian, typically live around 12 to 16 years.


  • Coat: Long and flowing, requiring regular grooming to prevent matting.
  • Personality: Persians are often described as calm, gentle, and affectionate. They may prefer a relaxed indoor lifestyle.

Temperament: White Persians are generally known for their sweet and laid-back personalities. Regular grooming is essential to maintain their coat.

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