Cities That Start With M – City Name

Cities That Start With M

Are you fascinated by the wonders and diversity that cities have to offer? Today, we are going to take a virtual journey to explore some captivating cities that share a common letter in their name – cities that start with “M.”

From metropolitan centers to hidden gems, these cities from around the world are known for their rich history, breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cultures, and exceptional experiences.

So, buckle up and get ready to embark on a captivating journey to several remarkable cities that all have one thing in common – their names begin with the letter “M”.

List of Cities That Start With M – Name of Cities

1. Madrid, Spain
2. Mexico City, Mexico
3. Moscow, Russia
4. Milan, Italy
5. Manchester, United Kingdom
6. Munich, Germany
7. Melbourne, Australia
8. Montreal, Canada
9. Manila, Philippines
10. Marrakech, Morocco
11. Marseille, France
12. Memphis, United States
13. Mombasa, Kenya
14. Medellín, Colombia
15. Malaga, Spain
16. Malé, Maldives
17. Mogadishu, Somalia
18. Minsk, Belarus
19. Macau, China
20. Maputo, Mozambique

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