easy words that start with e [With Meanings] In 2023

Easy Words That Start With E

Are you looking to expand your vocabulary with easy words? Look no further! In this blog post, we have compiled a list of simple and approachable words that start with the letter ‘E’.

Whether you’re a language enthusiast, a student, or simply someone who enjoys learning new words, this collection is sure to be beneficial for you.

So, let’s dive in and explore these easy and captivating words that begin with the letter ‘E’!

List Of Easy Words That Start With E

1. Egg
2. Elephant
3. Exit
4. Eat
5. Eye
6. Elf
7. Easy
8. Excite
9. Erase
10. Earn
11. Echo
12. Eden
13. Ever
14. Entry
15. Edge
16. Envy
17. Explore
18. Enjoy
19. Example
20. Energy

Easy Words That Start With E And Their Meanings

1. Egg – a hard-shelled reproductive body produced by female animals
2. Elephant – a large mammal with a long trunk, large ears, and tusks
3. Exit – a way out or the act of leaving or going out
4. Eat – to consume food through the mouth
5. Eye – the organ responsible for vision
6. Elf – a mythical creature, typically depicted as small and mischievous
7. Easy – not difficult or demanding
8. Excite – to cause a feeling of enthusiasm or eagerness
9. Erase – to remove or delete something, typically written or drawn
10. Earn – to receive payment for work or services
11. Echo – a sound or series of sounds caused by the reflection of sound waves
12. Eden – a place of paradise or perfect happiness
13. Ever – at any time or always
14. Entry – a doorway or passage giving access to a place
15. Edge – the outermost part of something or a sharp side or border
16. Envy – a feeling of discontent or covetousness towards someone’s possessions or qualities
17. Explore – to travel through an unfamiliar area to learn about it
18. Enjoy – to take pleasure in something
19. Example – a typical or representative instance of something
20. Energy – the capacity for doing work or supplying power

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