easy words that start with h [With Meanings] In 2023

Easy Words That Start With H

“Welcome to our blog post all about easy words that start with the letter H! Whether you’re expanding your vocabulary or looking for new words to use in your writing, this post is packed with a collection of simple yet intriguing words that begin with the letter H.

From everyday terms to not-so-common nouns, we’ve handpicked a list of words that are both easy to remember and fun to use.

So, get ready to enhance your linguistic skills and impress your friends with these easy words that start with H!”

List Of Easy Words That Start With H

1. Hat
2. Hand
3. Home
4. Hair
5. Help
6. Heart
7. High
8. Hope
9. Hill
10. Happy
11. Head
12. Hen
13. Hot
14. Hug
15. Hopeful
16. Hungry
17. Hello
18. Homework
19. Hike
20. Hurt

Easy Words That Start With H And Their Meanings

1. Hat – a covering for the head, typically with a brim and a crown
2. Hand – the part of the body at the end of the arm, including the fingers and thumb
3. Home – a place where one lives; a residence
4. Hair – the strands growing on the head of humans and mammals
5. Help – to assist or give aid to someone
6. Heart – the organ that pumps blood through the body; the center of one’s emotions and affections
7. High – a great or considerable extent or intensity
8. Hope – to have a feeling of expectation or desire for something to happen
9. Hill – a naturally raised area of land, lower than a mountain
10. Happy – feeling or showing pleasure or contentment
11. Head – the uppermost part of the body, containing the brain and sensory organs
12. Hen – a female chicken
13. Hot – having a high degree of heat; producing a burning sensation
14. Hug – to hold or embrace someone tightly, usually in a gesture of affection
15. Hopeful – feeling or inspiring optimism or expectation
16. Hungry – feeling a strong desire or need for food
17. Hello – a greeting or expression of goodwill when meeting or answering the telephone
18. Homework – tasks or assignments given to students to be completed outside of regular class time
19. Hike – a long walk, typically in nature
20. Hurt – to cause physical or emotional pain or injury to oneself or someone else

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