halloween words that start with b [With Meanings] In 2023

Halloween Words That Start With B

Welcome to our spooky Halloween blog! With Halloween just around the corner, we are eager to dive into all things creepy and kooky. Today, we are focusing on an often overlooked aspect of the holiday – Halloween words that start with the letter “B”.

From bewitching costumes to bone-chilling decorations, we have compiled a list of thrilling words that encapsulate the spirit of Halloween.

So, grab your broomsticks and join us on this haunting adventure as we explore some bone-rattling “B” words for Halloween!

List Of Halloween Words That Start With B

1. Bat
2. Boo
3. Bone
4. Broomstick
5. Black cat
6. Bloodcurdling
7. Bogeyman
8. Bogey
9. Boogie man
10. Bewitching
11. Batsman
12. Beetlejuice
13. Banshee
14. Spooky books
15. Bruja (witch)
16. Booze (for adult Halloween parties)
17. Bobbing for apples
18. Bloody
19. Brooding
20. Bonfire

Halloween Words That Start With B And Their Meanings

1. Bat – a winged mammal
2. Boo – a sound made to scare someone
3. Bone – the hard parts of a vertebrate’s skeleton
4. Broomstick – the long handle of a broom
5. Black cat – a superstitious symbol often associated with bad luck
6. Bloodcurdling – causing intense fear or horror
7. Bogeyman – a mythical creature used to frighten children
8. Bogey – a ghost or evil spirit
9. Boogie man – another term for bogeyman
10. Bewitching – enchanting or captivating
11. Batsman – a player of the sport of cricket who scores runs by hitting the ball
12. Beetlejuice – a fictional character from the movie of the same name
13. Banshee – a female spirit in Irish mythology who predicts death
14. Spooky books – literature that creates a feeling of fear or unease
15. Bruja (witch) – a female practitioner of witchcraft, often associated with Latin American folklore
16. Booze (for adult Halloween parties) – alcoholic beverages
17. Bobbing for apples – a traditional Halloween game where participants try to bite or catch apples floating in water
18. Bloody – a British slang term used as an intensifier or to express frustration
19. Brooding – showing deep unhappiness or thoughtfulness
20. Bonfire – a large outdoor fire, often associated with celebrations or rituals

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