halloween words that start with j [With Meanings] In 2023

Halloween Words That Start With J

Welcome spooky souls and Halloween enthusiasts! As we dive deeper into the enchanted realm of this beloved holiday, we stumble upon a treasure trove of chilling and thrilling elements that make Halloween what it is. Among the cauldrons, candy corns, and creative costumes, there lies a mystifying collection of words that start with the letter “J”.

Join us as we explore the dark corners of the Halloween lexicon, uncovering hair-raising words that will surely send shivers down your spine.

So put on your witch’s hat, light your jack-o’-lantern, and prepare to be spellbound by these eerie Halloween words that begin with the infamous letter “J”.

List Of Halloween Words That Start With J

1. Jack-o’-lantern
2. Jar
3. Jester
4. Jinx
5. Jangle
6. Jabberwocky
7. Jeering
8. Jinxed
9. Jester hat
10. Jadish
11. Jumbo candy
12. Jingle
13. Jagginess
14. Jaw-dropping
15. Jumpy

Halloween Words That Start With J And Their Meanings

1. Jack-o’-lantern – a carved pumpkin often used as a decoration during Halloween
2. Jar – a cylindrical container with a lid, typically made of glass or clay
3. Jester – a clown or fool who entertains by joking and performing tricks
4. Jinx – to bring bad luck or misfortune upon someone or something
5. Jangle – to make a harsh, clashing noise
6. Jabberwocky – a fictional monster described in Lewis Carroll’s poem “Jabberwocky”
7. Jeering – to mock or taunt someone in a scornful or derisive manner
8. Jinxed – having been subjected to a jinx or curse that brings misfortune
9. Jester hat – a pointed hat traditionally worn by jesters, often decorated with bells
10. Jadish – resembling or characteristic of a jaybird; impudent or saucy
11. Jumbo candy – oversized or extra-large candy
12. Jingle – a short catchy tune or rhyme, often used in advertising or as a festive tune
13. Jagginess – the state of being jagged or having rough, uneven edges
14. Jaw-dropping – causing extreme surprise or astonishment
15. Jumpy – nervous, easily startled or anxious with meanings.

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