latin words that start with s [With Meanings] In 2023

Latin Words That Start With S

Welcome language enthusiasts and curious minds! Today, we embark on a fascinating linguistic journey as we dive into the world of Latin vocabulary. Latin, the classical language of the ancient Romans, continues to intrigue and captivate us with its rich history and influence on modern languages.

In this blog post, we will explore an intriguing subset of Latin words – those that start with the letter “S.” From scientific terms to everyday expressions, get ready to expand your vocabulary and deepen your appreciation for the Latin language.

So, let’s grab our metaphorical togas and dive into this exciting exploration of Latin words that start with “S”!

List Of Latin Words That Start With S

1. Salus (health)
2. Scientia (knowledge)
3. Si (if)
4. Sine (without)
5. Sol (sun)
6. Solus (alone)
7. Spes (hope)
8. Stultus (foolish)
9. Sum (I am)
10. Super (above)
11. Sursum (upward)
12. Scriptor (writer)
13. Sensus (sense)
14. Spiritus (spirit)
15. Sacer (sacred)
16. Sagitta (arrow)
17. Salvus (safe)
18. Sanctus (holy)
19. Sapientia (wisdom)
20. Status (status)

Latin Words That Start With S And Their Meanings

1. Salus (health) – the state or condition of being physically and mentally well
2. Scientia (knowledge) – the understanding and awareness gained through learning and experience
3. Si (if) – a conjunction used to introduce a condition or hypothetical scenario
4. Sine (without) – lacking or in the absence of something
5. Sol (sun) – the star at the center of the solar system that provides light and heat to Earth
6. Solus (alone) – being by oneself, without company or companionship
7. Spes (hope) – a feeling or belief that something desired will happen or be achieved
8. Stultus (foolish) – lacking good judgment or sense, silly or nonsensical
9. Sum (I am) – a first-person singular present tense verb meaning to exist or be
10. Super (above) – at a higher position, level, or rank
11. Sursum (upward) – in a direction or motion that is higher or towards the top
12. Scriptor (writer) – a person who creates written work or text
13. Sensus (sense) – the ability to perceive or understand through the senses
14. Spiritus (spirit) – the immaterial part of a person, often associated with emotions, character, and identity
15. Sacer (sacred) – regarded as holy, worthy of religious veneration or respect
16. Sagitta (arrow) – a slender, pointed projectile shot from a bow
17. Salvus (safe) – free from danger, harm, or risk
18. Sanctus (holy) – regarded as sacred or religiously pure
19. Sapientia (wisdom) – the quality of having deep understanding and good judgment
20. Status (status) – a person’s social, professional, or legal standing or position

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