River Beginning With S – Rivers Name

River Beginning With S

Welcome to our blog post on “River Beginning With S”! Rivers are fascinating natural wonders that shape our landscapes and provide a crucial source of life for countless organisms.

In this post, we will embark on an exploration of various rivers from around the world, all sharing one commonality – their names beginning with the letter “S.”

From the mighty Amazon in South America to the serene Seine in France, we will delve into the rich history, ecosystems, and cultural significance of these diverse rivers.

So grab your virtual backpack and get ready to dive into the depths of some remarkable waterways.

Let’s discover the hidden secrets and captivating stories that lie within the rivers beginning with S.

List of River Beginning With S – Name of Rivers

1. Seine River (France)
2. Mississippi River (United States)
3. Amazon River (South America)
4. Sao Francisco River (Brazil)
5. St. Lawrence River (Canada)
6. Senegal River (Senegal and Mali)
7. Shannon River (Ireland)
8. Scheldt River (Belgium and the Netherlands)
9. Sava River (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia)
10. Sio River (Kenya and Uganda)
11. Salween River (China, Thailand, Myanmar)
12. Syr Darya River (Central Asia)
13. Snake River (United States)
14. Sulu Sea (Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia)
15. San Juan River (Nicaragua and Costa Rica)

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