uncommon words that start with j [With Meanings] In 2023

Uncommon Words That Start With J

Welcome to another language adventure on our blog! Today, we embark on a journey to explore the vast world of words, specifically uncommon ones that start with the letter J. These gems of vocabulary are not only intriguing for their rarity but also fascinating for the meanings they hold.

From ones you may have never heard of to those you might have encountered in literature, we’ll delve into the depths of this alphabetic ocean to uncover interesting and unusual words that enrich our linguistic repertoire. Ready to expand your vocabulary? Let’s dive in

List Of Uncommon Words That Start With J

1. Jabberwocky
2. Jovial
3. Juxtapose
4. Jocular
5. Jocund
6. Jaunty
7. Jejune
8. Jocose
9. Juggernaut
10. Jettison
11. Jeopardize
12. Janus-faced
13. Jocularly
14. Jactitation
15. Jeremiad
16. Juxtaposition
17. Jettatura
18. Jalousie
19. Jamboree
20. Juxtaposition

Uncommon Words That Start With J And Their Meanings

1. Jabberwocky: a piece of nonsense verse, characterized by made-up words and whimsical language.
2. Jovial: cheerful, jolly, and friendly.
3. Juxtapose: to place side by side for comparison or contrast.
4. Jocular: characterized by joking or playful behavior.
5. Jocund: marked by or revealing high spirits and joyfulness.
6. Jaunty: having or showing a lively, cheerful, and self-confident manner.
7. Jejune: lacking interest or significance, dull or immature.
8. Jocose: playful or humorous in mood or manner.
9. Juggernaut: an overwhelming, advancing force or institution that destroys or crushes everything in its path.
10. Jettison: to throw or drop something, especially something considered as unwanted or burdensome.
11. Jeopardize: to put someone or something into a dangerous situation.
12. Janus-faced: marked by deliberate deceptiveness especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another.
13. Jocularly: characterized by joking or jesting.
14. Jactitation: boasting or bragging; restless tossing in bed.
15. Jeremiad: a long, mournful complaint or lamentation; a doleful or melancholy expression of sorrow.
16. Juxtaposition: the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.
17. Jettatura: the supposed ability to cause misfortune or injury simply by looking at or staring at someone.
18. Jalousie: a blind or shutter made of a row of angled slats.
19. Jamboree: a large celebration or gathering, typically involving music and dancing.
20. Juxtaposition: the act of placing two contrasting elements side by side to emphasize the differences between them.

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