uncommon words that start with m [With Meanings] In 2023

Uncommon Words That Start With M

Welcome to our latest blog post dedicated to exploring the fascinating world of words! Today, we are diving into the realm of the letter “M” to discover some truly remarkable and uncommon words that start with this versatile letter.

The English language is teeming with an infinite variety of words, some of which are not commonly known or used in everyday conversation.

It is these hidden gems that we seek to bring to light, as we explore the mysterious, mesmerizing, and meaningful words that start with “M”.

So, let’s embark on this vocabulary voyage together and unravel the beauty and richness that lies within these lesser-known words

List Of Uncommon Words That Start With M

1. Mellifluous – having a smooth, pleasant, and melodic sound.
2. Mawkish – overly sentimental or self-pitying.
3. Maelstrom – a powerful whirlpool or a chaotic, turbulent situation.
4. Mélange – a mixture or medley of different elements or ingredients.
5. Malinger – to pretend to be ill or injured in order to avoid work or duties.
6. Magnanimous – generous and forgiving, especially towards a rival or someone less powerful.
7. Mirth – amusement, laughter, or enjoyment.
8. Morose – sullen, gloomy, or ill-tempered.
9. Myopic – lacking foresight, narrow-minded, or short-sighted.
10. Misnomer – a wrongly or inaccurately used name or term.
11. Modicum – a small or moderate amount of something.
12. Munificent – very generous or giving.
13. Moribund – at the point of death or in a terminal decline.
14. Maverick – an independent-minded person who does not conform to traditional standards or rules.
15. Metamorphosis – a profound or complete change or transformation.
16. Magnate – a person of great influence, wealth, or power in a particular industry or field.
17. Malfeasance – wrongdoing or illegal activity, especially by a person in authority or power.
18. Misanthrope – a person who dislikes or distrusts humankind.
19. Manifest – clear or obvious to the eye or mind; to show or display outwardly.
20. Machination – a scheme or plot, especially one devised with evil intent.

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Uncommon Words That Start With M And Their Meanings

21. Nefarious – wicked or criminal in nature.
22. Nostalgia – a longing or affection for the past, often accompanied by a sense of melancholy.
23. Nefelibata – a person who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams; an unconventional, free-spirited individual.
24. Nocturnal – relating to or occurring during the night; active or done at night.
25. Numinous – having a strong religious or spiritual quality; mysterious and awe-inspiring.
26. Nascent – just beginning to exist or develop, in the process of emerging.
27. Nefertiti – the name of an ancient Egyptian queen known for her beauty and power.
28. Nebulous – cloudy, vague, or hazy; unclear or ill-defined.
29. Nautical – related to ships, sailing, or navigation on water.
30. Nuance – a subtle difference or distinction in meaning, expression, or tone.
31. Narcissist – an individual characterized by excessive self-love, vanity, and a sense of entitlement.
32. Nebula – a cloud of gas and dust in space, often the birthplace of stars.
33. Nomadic – wandering or living without a fixed home; constantly moving from one place to another.
34. Nimble – quick and light in movement or action; agile.
35. Namaste – a respectful greeting in Hindu and Buddhist culture, often accompanied by a slight bow with the palms pressed together.
36. Nihilism – a belief in the rejection of religious and moral principles; the belief in the meaninglessness of life and existence.
37. Novice – a person who is new to or inexperienced in a field or activity.
38. Normative – establishing, relating to, or based on norms or standards; representing typical or expected behavior.
39. Nonchalant – appearing calm, cool, and unconcerned; casually indifferent.
40. Neophyte – a beginner or novice, especially in a particular field or activity.

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