uncommon words that start with u [With Meanings] In 2023

Uncommon Words That Start With U

Welcome back to our blog, word enthusiasts! Today, we are diving into a fascinating topic – uncommon words that start with the letter “U”. Although the letter “U” may not be the most widely used in the English language, it certainly holds some hidden gems when it comes to unusual vocabulary.

Join us on this linguistic adventure as we explore a curated list of underappreciated words starting with the letter “U”.

Get ready to broaden your vocabulary and impress your friends with these uncommon finds. Let’s get started

List Of Uncommon Words That Start With U

1. Ubiquitous
2. Unabashed
3. Unanimous
4. Unassailable
5. Unassuming
6. Uncanny
7. Uncharted
8. Undermine
9. Unfathomable
10. Unyielding
11. Uproarious
12. Usurp
13. Unwavering
14. Unorthodox
15. Utmost
16. Unsolicited
17. Unpretentious
18. Unprecedented
19. Unravel
20. Unswerving

Uncommon Words That Start With U And Their Meanings

1. Ubiquitous: present, appearing, or found everywhere
2. Unabashed: not embarrassed, or ashamed
3. Unanimous: agreed upon by everyone
4. Unassailable: unable to be attacked, defeated, or questioned
5. Unassuming: modest, not drawing attention to oneself
6. Uncanny: strange, mysterious, or unsettling in a way that is hard to explain
7. Uncharted: not yet mapped or explored
8. Undermine: to weaken or sabotage
9. Unfathomable: impossible to fully understand or comprehend
10. Unyielding: not giving in to pressure or persuasion
11. Uproarious: characterized by loud or uncontrollable laughter or noise
12. Usurp: to seize or take over power or a position unlawfully or forcefully
13. Unwavering: steady and constant, not changing or faltering
14. Unorthodox: not conforming to usual or traditional beliefs or practices
15. Utmost: the highest or greatest degree, maximum
16. Unsolicited: not asked for or requested
17. Unpretentious: modest, humble, and not trying to impress others
18. Unprecedented: never done or experienced before
19. Unravel: to solve, figure out, or untangle a complicated situation
20. Unswerving: remaining firm and steadfast in belief or loyalty.

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