unique words that start with l [With Meanings] In 2023

Unique Words That Start With L

Welcome to our language lovers’ paradise! Today, we are embarking on a literary journey to explore a treasure trove of unique words that start with the letter ‘L.’ Language is a powerful tool that allows us to express ourselves, convey ideas, and paint vivid pictures with words.

And what better way to enhance our linguistic palette than by discovering mesmerizing words that are rarely encountered in everyday conversations? From the lyrical to the ludicrous, the meaningful to the mysterious, join us as we dive into an alphabet of linguistic wonders that will surely leave you awestruck.

So, grab your dictionary and get ready to expand your vocabulary with this collection of extraordinary ‘L’ words. Prepare to be enlightened and inspired as we delve into the realm of lexical peculiarities

List Of Unique Words That Start With L

1. Languid
2. Lavish
3. Luminous
4. Luminary
5. Lucid
6. Labyrinth
7. Loquacious
8. Lithe
9. Lethargic
10. Lullaby
11. Laudable
12. Legitimate
13. Lenient
14. Livid
15. Lustrous
16. Leveraging
17. Looming
18. Lapsed
19. Lavender
20. Leaping

Unique Words That Start With L And Their Meanings

  1. Languid: Lacking in energy or vitality; displaying a slow, relaxed, or lethargic manner.
  2. Lavish: Characterized by extravagance or excessive spending, often in a generous or luxurious way.
  3. Luminous: Emitting or reflecting a soft, radiant light; shining brightly or glowing.
  4. Luminary: A person who is exceptionally notable or influential in a particular field, often used to refer to a celebrity or leader.
  5. Lucid: Clear and easily understood; mentally sound or rational.
  6. Labyrinth: A complex, intricate network of passages or paths that can be difficult to navigate; often used metaphorically to describe a confusing or perplexing situation.
  7. Loquacious: Talkative or chatty, often to an excessive degree; fond of engaging in conversation.
  8. Lithe: Gracefully thin, flexible, and supple in movement; having a slender and agile physique.
  9. Lethargic: Lacking in energy, enthusiasm, or motivation; feeling sluggish or drowsy.
  10. Lullaby: A soothing song or melody, typically sung to infants or young children to help them fall asleep.
  11. Laudable: Deserving praise or commendation; worthy of admiration.
  12. Legitimate: Genuine, valid, or conforming to established laws or rules; not counterfeit or illegal.
  13. Lenient: Tolerant or forgiving in dealing with mistakes or transgressions; not strict or harsh.
  14. Livid: Extremely angry or furious; discolored, often with a bluish or grayish hue, as in a livid bruise.
  15. Lustrous: Shining with a bright and radiant quality; having a glossy or polished appearance.
  16. Leveraging: Using a lever or a strategic approach to gain an advantage or achieve a desired outcome, often in business or decision-making contexts.
  17. Looming: Appearing as a threat, problem, or imminent event that is approaching or becoming increasingly significant.
  18. Lapsed: Having expired or no longer in effect, often referring to memberships, subscriptions, or commitments that were not renewed or maintained.
  19. Lavender: A fragrant plant with purple or violet flowers, often used for its aromatic properties in various products, including perfumes and oils.
  20. Leaping: Jumping or springing forcefully into the air or over a distance; making a sudden, energetic movement upward or forward.
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