veteran words that start with j [With Meanings] In 2023

Veteran Words That Start With J

Welcome to another exciting blog post where we explore the rich vocabulary of veterans! Today, we dive into the letter ‘J’ to discover an array of powerful and meaningful words that hold significance for those who have served in the military.

From jargon to expressions, we’ll explore the hidden gems that encapsulate the experiences, values, and resilience of our brave servicemen and women.

So grab a cup of joe, sit back, and join us on this linguistic journey through the alphabet of veteran words, focusing on the letter ‘J’.

List Of Veteran Words That Start With J

1. Jackknife
2. Javelin
3. Jebel
4. Jetty
5. Joust
6. Jaded
7. Jingle
8. Jargon
9. Jaunt
10. Jibe
11. Judicious
12. Jute
13. Junta
14. Juggernaut
15. Jocular
16. Jog
17. Jovial
18. Jurisdiction
19. Jeer
20. Jot

Veteran Words That Start With J And Their Meanings

1. Jackknife: a type of knife with a folding blade
2. Javelin: a long spear-like weapon used in athletics or warfare
3. Jebel: a hill or mountain in Arabic-speaking countries
4. Jetty: a structure built out into the water to protect a coastline or to serve as a landing place
5. Joust: a medieval contest in which knights on horseback attempt to unhorse each other using long lances
6. Jaded: feeling tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm, often due to overexposure or excessive indulgence
7. Jingle: a short tune or catchy sound often used in advertising or as a festive decoration
8. Jargon: specialized or technical language associated with a particular field or profession
9. Jaunt: a short excursion or trip, typically taken for pleasure
10. Jibe: to agree or correspond with, or alternatively, to mock or taunt someone
11. Judicious: showing good judgment or sense; wise and careful in making decisions
12. Jute: a strong plant fiber used to make burlap and other coarse fabrics
13. Junta: a small group of people, often military officers, who rule a country after taking it over by force
14. Juggernaut: an unstoppable force or powerful institution that crushes anything in its path
15. Jocular: characterized by joking or humor; playful or humorous in nature
16. Jog: to run at a slow, steady pace, often for exercise or as a gentle form of running
17. Jovial: cheerful and friendly in nature; full of happiness and joy
18. Jurisdiction: the official authority or power to make legal decisions and enforce laws within a particular area or domain
19. Jeer: to mock, ridicule, or taunt someone or something with rude or disrespectful comments or gestures
20. Jot: to quickly write down or record something in a brief or hasty manner

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