vocabulary words that start with p [With Meanings] In 2023

Vocabulary Words That Start With P

Welcome to our blog post on vocabulary words that start with the letter “P”! Building a strong vocabulary is essential for effective communication and can greatly enhance your speaking and writing skills.

In this post, we have carefully curated a list of interesting and useful words beginning with “P” to expand your repertoire.

Whether you are a student, a writer, or simply someone looking to deepen their vocabulary, this list will surely add value to your language arsenal.

So, let’s dive in and explore these peculiar and powerful “P” words together

List OF Vocabulary Words That Start With P

1. Perseverance
2. Prosperity
3. Patience
4. Punctual
5. Pragmatic
6. Pristine
7. Procrastination
8. Persuasive
9. Prejudice
10. Plausible
11. Paradox
12. Paradigm
13. Plentiful
14. Pristine
15. Potential
16. Paralyzing
17. Prevalent
18. Prominent
19. Ponder
20. Pungent

Vocabulary Words That Start With P And Their Meanings

  1. Perseverance: The quality of persisting in a course of action, belief, or purpose despite obstacles, difficulties, or setbacks; determination and tenacity.
  2. Prosperity: The state of being successful, thriving, or economically well-off; often associated with wealth, abundance, and overall well-being.
  3. Patience: The ability to remain calm and composed while facing challenges, delays, or frustrating situations; the willingness to wait or endure without complaint.
  4. Punctual: Being on time or prompt in meeting commitments, appointments, or schedules; showing a strong sense of punctuality.
  5. Pragmatic: Dealing with issues and problems in a practical and sensible way; focused on achieving practical and realistic outcomes.
  6. Pristine: In a state of unspoiled purity, cleanliness, or perfection; free from damage, contamination, or alteration.
  7. Procrastination: The act of delaying or postponing tasks or responsibilities, often due to avoidance or reluctance, leading to inefficiency and time wastage.
  8. Persuasive: Having the ability to convince, influence, or sway others through effective and compelling arguments, reasoning, or communication.
  9. Prejudice: A preconceived opinion or judgment about individuals or groups, often based on stereotypes or biases, rather than on actual knowledge or experience.
  10. Plausible: Appearing to be reasonable, believable, or credible; capable of being accepted or considered as true.
  11. Paradox: A statement or situation that appears contradictory or self-contradictory, but may reveal an underlying truth or complexity when examined more closely.
  12. Paradigm: A model, pattern, or example that serves as a typical representation of something; a framework or perspective used for understanding and solving problems.
  13. Plentiful: Abundant, ample, or available in large quantities; existing in great supply.
  14. Pristine (repeated): In a state of unspoiled purity, cleanliness, or perfection; free from damage, contamination, or alteration.
  15. Potential: The inherent capacity, ability, or latent qualities of someone or something to develop, grow, or achieve success in the future.
  16. Paralyzing: Having the effect of rendering someone or something immobile, inactive, or powerless; causing a state of paralysis or inability to take action.
  17. Prevalent: Widespread or commonly occurring; existing or happening frequently and in many places or situations.
  18. Prominent: Highly visible, noticeable, or well-known; standing out or being conspicuous in a significant way.
  19. Ponder: To think deeply or reflect carefully on a topic, question, or situation; to engage in thoughtful contemplation.
  20. Pungent: Having a strong and sharp smell or taste, often characterized by a spicy, acrid, or intense flavor or odor.
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