easy words that start with r [With Meanings] In 2023

Easy Words That Start With R

Welcome to another exciting blog post where we explore words that start with the letter “R”! Whether you are a crossword puzzle enthusiast, a vocabulary buff, or simply interested in expanding your knowledge of the English language, this post is sure to provide you with some easy and interesting words that begin with this letter.

From common words we use in our everyday conversations to unique terms that might surprise you, this compilation aims to not only enhance your vocabulary but also spark your curiosity about the fascinating world of words.

So, let’s embark on this linguistic journey and discover some simple, yet captivating, words that start with “R”

List Of Easy Words That Start With R

1. Run
2. Rain
3. Ring
4. Rose
5. Ride
6. Rabbit
7. Rope
8. Rock
9. Rug
10. Rice
11. Rip
12. Rail
13. Root
14. Rub
15. Rise
16. Rush
17. Rust
18. Rim
19. Ripe
20. Rode

Easy Words That Start With R And Their Meanings

1. Run – to move at a fast pace using your legs.
2. Rain – water that falls from the clouds in the form of droplets.
3. Ring – a circular band worn as jewelry on the finger, also the sound made by a bell.
4. Rose – a beautiful flower with a pleasing fragrance.
5. Ride – to travel on or in a vehicle, bike, or animal.
6. Rabbit – a small, furry animal known for its long ears and hopping movement.
7. Rope – a long, thick cord made of twisted strands of fibers.
8. Rock – a solid mineral material or a large stone, also to move back and forth or sway.
9. Rug – a floor covering made of thick woven material.
10. Rice – a widely consumed grain, especially in Asian cuisines.
11. Rip – to tear or pull apart forcefully, also slang for moving quickly.
12. Rail – a bar or series of bars used as a support or barrier, also a track for trains.
13. Root – the part of a plant that absorbs water and nutrients from the soil, also the source or origin of something.
14. Rub – to move your hand or an object back and forth against a surface, also to apply pressure.
15. Rise – to move upward or increase in level, also to wake up from sleep.
16. Rush – to move or act with great speed, also a sudden surge or influx.
17. Rust – a reddish-brown coating that forms on metal due to oxidation.
18. Rim – the outer edge or border of a circular object, also a metal wheel used in a vehicle.
19. Ripe – fully matured or developed, often referring to fruits or vegetables.
20. Rode – past tense of the verb “ride,” meaning to travel on or in a vehicle, bike, or animal.

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