veteran words that start with s [With Meanings] In 2023

Veteran Words That Start With S

Welcome back to our blog, dear readers! Today, we are here to take a deep dive into the world of veterans and their remarkable vocabulary.

As we explore the vast lexicon of the military community, we will be focusing on the letter ‘S’. From solemn to triumphant, these veteran words starting with ‘S’ have not only shaped their experiences but also etched a lasting impact on our society.

So, buckle up and get ready to embark on a linguistic journey that pays homage to our brave men and women in uniform.

List Of Veteran Words That Start With S

1. Soldier
2. Service
3. Sacrifice
4. Salute
5. Squadron
6. Sabotage
7. Strategic
8. Sergeant
9. Submarine
10. Sniper
11. Support
12. Surveillance
13. Sentry
14. Secrecy
15. Suppression
16. Sweep
17. Survivor
18. Special forces
19. Supporter
20. Stalwart

Veteran Words That Start With S And Their Meanings

1. Soldier – a person who serves in the military and fights in wars or battles.
2. Service – the action of serving in the military, or providing assistance or aid to others.
3. Sacrifice – the act of giving up something, often personal, valuable, or important, for the benefit of others or a higher cause.
4. Salute – a gesture of respect or honor, often performed by raising the hand to the forehead or by firing a cannon or rifle.
5. Squadron – a military unit, typically consisting of a number of aircraft or ships.
6. Sabotage – the deliberate destruction or obstruction of equipment, materials, or operations, usually carried out covertly as an act of warfare or resistance.
7. Strategic – relating to strategies or long-term plans, especially in military or business contexts.
8. Sergeant – a non-commissioned officer rank in the military, typically below the rank of a lieutenant and above the rank of a corporal.
9. Submarine – a watercraft that can operate underwater, typically used for military purposes or exploration.
10. Sniper – a highly skilled marksman who engages targets from a concealed position, often with a precision rifle.
11. Support – to provide assistance, help, or backup to someone or something, often in a military or emotional context.
12. Surveillance – the act of monitoring or observing someone or something, usually for the purpose of gathering information or maintaining security.
13. Sentry – a soldier or guard assigned to keep watch, typically at a specific post or location.
14. Secrecy – the state or condition of being hidden, concealed, or kept confidential, often necessary in military or intelligence operations.
15. Suppression – the act of putting an end to, restraining, or inhibiting something, often used in the context of suppressing rebellion or dissent.
16. Sweep – a systematic search or examination of an area or space for enemy forces, weapons, or dangers.
17. Survivor – a person who outlives a dangerous situation, conflict, or disaster, often demonstrating resilience and strength.
18. Special forces – highly trained military units or personnel assigned to carry out unconventional or specialized missions.
19. Supporter – a person or group who publicly or privately advocates, assists, or stands by someone or a cause.
20. Stalwart – a loyal, reliable, and unwavering supporter, often used to describe a person’s dedication or commitment.

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