easy words that start with w [With Meanings] In 2023

Easy Words That Start With W

Welcome back to our language blog! Today, we are going to explore the letter “W” and uncover a whole array of easy words that start with this unique letter. The English language is full of interesting words, and “W” certainly adds its own flair.

Whether you’re an aspiring writer, an English language learner, or simply have a love for words, this post will provide you with a fantastic collection of easy words beginning with “W”.

So, let’s dive right in and expand our vocabulary together, shall we?

List Of Easy Words That Start With W

1. Water
2. Walk
3. Word
4. Well
5. Wind
6. Wish
7. Will
8. Wonder
9. Wave
10. Window
11. Wallet
12. Watch
13. Write
14. Win
15. Week
16. Wonder
17. Wet
18. White
19. Wait
20. Whisper

Easy Words That Start With W And Their Meanings

1. Water – a liquid substance that is essential for life and is used for various purposes such as drinking, cleaning, and cooking.
2. Walk – to move on foot, usually at a slower pace than running.
3. Word – a unit of language that carries meaning, can be spoken or written, and is used to express thoughts, ideas, and emotions.
4. Well – a deep hole or shaft in the ground that is drilled or dug to access underground water sources.
5. Wind – the natural movement of the air, often characterized by its direction and strength.
6. Wish – a desire or longing for something to happen or be true.
7. Will – the power of making choices and decisions, often used to refer to one’s determination or intention.
8. Wonder – a feeling of surprise, awe, or admiration caused by something unusual or extraordinary.
9. Wave – a ridge or swell on the surface of water, typically caused by the wind or a boat’s movement.
10. Window – an opening in a wall or door that allows light and air to enter and provides a view to the outside.
11. Wallet – a small, flat, pocket-sized case used for holding money, cards, and other personal items.
12. Watch – a small timepiece worn or carried for keeping track of the time.
13. Write – to form or inscribe letters, words, or symbols on a surface using a pen, pencil, or other writing instrument.
14. Win – to achieve victory or success in a competition, game, or endeavor.
15. Week – a period of seven days, typically starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday.
16. Wonder – to be curious or inquisitive about something; to feel a sense of surprise or marvel.
17. Wet – covered or soaked with liquid, usually water.
18. White – the color of snow or milk, often associated with purity, innocence, and cleanliness.
19. Wait – to stay in a place or remain in a state until something happens or someone arrives.
20. Whisper – to speak very softly or in a hushed voice, often to avoid being overheard or to convey a secret message.

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