vocabulary words that start with v [With Meanings] In 2023

Vocabulary Words That Start With V

Welcome to our blog post all about vocabulary words that start with the letter V. Enhancing our vocabulary is not only a fascinating endeavor, but it also helps us communicate our thoughts and ideas more effectively. Today, we have curated a list of interesting and lesser-known words that begin with the letter V.

From verbs to adjectives, nouns to adverbs, we will explore the meaning, usage, and origin of these captivating words.

Whether you are a word enthusiast, a language student, or simply curious to learn new terms, this post is a treasure trove of vocabulary knowledge that will expand your linguistic horizons.

So, let’s dive in and discover the vivid world of vocabulary words that start with V

List OF Vocabulary Words That Start With V

1. Vacant
2. Validate
3. Vanity
4. Vague
5. Validity
6. Vanilla
7. Vary
8. Vast
9. Vector
10. Velocity
11. Venture
12. Verdict
13. Verge
14. Versatile
15. Vertical
16. Vessel
17. Vibrant
18. Vicinity
19. Viewpoint
20. Vigilant

Vocabulary Words That Start With V And Their Meanings

1. Vacant – (adjective) not filled or occupied; empty
2. Validate – (verb) to confirm, approve, or support the truth or value of something
3. Vanity – (noun) excessive pride in one’s appearance, qualities, or achievements
4. Vague – (adjective) unclear or uncertain; lacking definite form or precision
5. Validity – (noun) the state or quality of being logically or factually sound; the correctness or truthfulness of something
6. Vanilla – (noun) a flavoring derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla; widely used as a flavor enhancer in foods or as fragrance in perfumes
7. Vary – (verb) to differ or change from a norm or standard; to make something different from what it was before
8. Vast – (adjective) of very great extent or size; immense
9. Vector – (noun) a quantity that has both magnitude and direction; typically represented by an arrow
10. Velocity – (noun) the speed of something in a given direction; the rate at which an object changes its position
11. Venture – (noun) a risky or daring undertaking; an entrepreneurial or speculative business initiative
12. Verdict – (noun) a formal decision or judgment made after consideration of evidence; a legal or official ruling
13. Verge – (noun) the edge or border of something; the point at which something is about to happen or end
14. Versatile – (adjective) able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities; capable of doing many things competently
15. Vertical – (adjective) in a straight up and down position or direction; perpendicular to the plane of the horizon
16. Vessel – (noun) a hollow container, typically used to hold liquids or other substances
17. Vibrant – (adjective) full of energy, enthusiasm, or vitality; bright and striking in appearance
18. Vicinity – (noun) the area near or surrounding a particular place; neighborhood
19. Viewpoint – (noun) a particular way of looking at or thinking about something; a point of view
20. Vigilant – (adjective) keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties; alert and attentive

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