vocabulary words that start with z [With Meanings] In 2023

Vocabulary Words That Start With Z

Welcome to our blog post on vocabulary words that start with the letter Z! If you love expanding your linguistics skills and want to sharpen your vocabulary prowess, then this post is for you.

The letter Z may not be as commonly used in words as some other letters, but it certainly has its fair share of interesting and unique terms. So, get ready to dive into this linguistic adventure as we explore some remarkable vocabulary words beginning with Z.

From unusual nouns and descriptive adjectives to fascinating verbs and rare scientific terms, we are here to broaden your language horizons.

Let’s embark on this journey through the alphabet and discover the captivating world of words that start with Z

List OF Vocabulary Words That Start With Z

1. Zeal
2. Zest
3. Zenith
4. Zephyr
5. Zebra
6. Zestful
7. Zirconium
8. Zodiac
9. Zombify
10. Zucchini
11. Zeppelin
12. Zoologist
13. Zing
14. Zap
15. Zappy
16. Zero
17. Zestiness
18. Zingy
19. Zigzag
20. Zoom

Vocabulary Words That Start With Z And Their Meanings

1. Zeal: great passion or enthusiasm for something
2. Zest: great enthusiasm or energy
3. Zenith: the highest point or peak of something
4. Zephyr: a soft, gentle breeze
5. Zebra: a large African wild animal with black and white stripes
6. Zestful: full of enthusiasm or energy
7. Zirconium: a chemical element, often used in making jewelry
8. Zodiac: a belt-shaped region of the celestial sphere divided into twelve equal parts, each of which contains a constellation
9. Zombify: to turn someone into a zombie or to make them act like one; to make dull or lifeless
10. Zucchini: a green, summer squash, often used in cooking
11. Zeppelin: a large, gas-filled airship used especially during World War I and II
12. Zoologist: a person who studies animals and their behavior
13. Zing: a high-pitched, sharp, or vibrant sound or sensation
14. Zap: to strike or hit with a sudden burst of energy or electricity
15. Zappy: lively, excited, or energetic
16. Zero: the numerical value representing nothing; the absence or lack of something
17. Zestiness: the quality of being full of flavor, energy, or enthusiasm
18. Zingy: full of zest, vitality, or exciting qualities
19. Zigzag: a pattern or movement characterized by sharp turns in alternating directions
20. Zoom: to move quickly or make a loud humming or buzzing sound.

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